-What We Do-

Avanti Strategy and Design is a collective of creators, thinkers, and tinkerers led by company founder Mark Milazzo. We try new things, we challenge convention, and this constant need to test current limits leads to innovation. Our teams are lead by team leaders who value the input from each of our unique and knowledgeable creators. Avanti works to build startup brands, and revitalize legacy brands. We are here to create digital solutions, and compelling content.

Our first goal is to listen and really understand the project, and why you are requesting our assistance. Listening is a lot more than just hearing. We want to know more about what you need, and when it's time we will ask clarifying questions to ascertain exactly what you would believe to be a "win."


This is the "drawing board" part of the process. We look at all the parameters of the project, analyze best known methods, and develop a flexible plan with a realistic deadline.

The plan is then shared with you for additional input and/or clarification.


Ok, this is the part that is really fun. We take all of the ideas you started with, and funnel them through the plan. Suddenly ideas are coming to life.

Of course there will be various versions of some ideas as we refine and finally deploy them.


All parties involved in this process learn something new, and those new skills and ideas are incorporated into future projects or products.

These new projects may be updated versions of current work, or something completely new and unique!


WE CAN CREATE ALL TYPES OF ORIGINAL CONTENT FOR YOU. We are always on the lookout for interesting creative projects to work on, so if you don’t see your specific need listed,  contact us letting us know how we can help. Our collective includes some amazing people with incredible talent. In addition to the featured skills below we have also helped businesses implement ERP systems, develop e-Commerce processes, setup Point of Sale systems, write and manage press releases and end-user communications, and more.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits all creative project. Let us know what you are excited to bring to market, and we will shape our team around that dream. Let’s talk goals and milestones and then let’s move FORWARD! (btw, in Italian the word Avanti means “to move forward.”)

Give us a wish list of the things you keep putting on the back-burner, and we will assemble the right team and come in and make it happen.


Web design insiders know that the tools, and their corresponding output are changing every day. Our team deployed our first corporate website way back in the 1900’s, and we are life-long learners. As new technologies come at us we are investigating how they can best be used to move companies forward.


We’ve designed compelling commercials for TV, Cable, and of course the Internet. Visual storytelling allows you to show your story instead of telling it. It grabs hearts and stirs action. It engages others in something bigger than themselves and inspires them to ACTION!


Effective graphic design speaks to your customers and sparks an emotional response to your brand. Our team follows a creative process that is collaborative and driven by your goals.

Logos, SEO Posters for Facebook, business cards, flyers, online presentations,  labels, product packaging... we do it all.


Beautiful photos capture your audience, and tell a story.

We specialize in lifestyle and product photos. For a Flat Rate we will shoot, retouch, and color correct your photos and prepare them for use in your catalog, advertisements, or website. 

-What do we know?-

We don't know everything. Well that's an odd way to introduce ourselves, but it's true. It's likely that we don't know your industry, and we definitely don't know about every possible solution available to assist you reaching your goals. What we do know is how to isolate a need, assemble a team, and deliver results.


We know you are busy doing what your company DOES, and it is hard to find the time to work on outside projects that can boost your business.

Hiring people full-time that do this kind of work is very expensive, and hiring most agencies can end up costing even more.

We are here to change that!


Our team have been developing brands on the Internet since 1995 and so we bring to the table a lot of experience and knowledge. We have a passion for launching, or rejuvenating small companies with big goals.  

We want to learn about YOUR industry, and see how we can leverage our knowledge to assist you in meeting YOUR objectives.


It’s all talk until a project is delivered. We provide all deliverables to you on time, and in digital format. We work with your team to define the need, and then we deliver it to you. Once your team  has the final product they can replicate it, or host it wherever they like.

We can provide some great suggestions, but we feel that it is important for the client to be able to select the best vendor for their needs.

Oh, and we believe in the well proven "Get Rich Slow" methodology

If you think a shiny flyer, professional video, cool logo, and awesome website is the guarantee to success, we would like to challenge that assumption. Those items are tools for success. Do you think that with the right tools, success is a sure thing? Have you ever lent a hammer to a toddler and seen progress made? Let us build the tools that match your strategy, and let's go after success one step at a time.
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- The team-

here’s a quick introduction to our team leaders

Avanti Strategy and Design is a collective of creators, thinkers, and tinkerers. We try new things, we challenge convention, and this constant need to test current limits leads to innovation. Our teams are lead by team leaders who value the input from each of our unique and knowledgeable creators.

mark milazzo

Mark has been focused on Marketing since before the digital age. He learned the ropes while working for the family design business in New York in the 70’s and 80’s. The next 20+ years were spent as a Motorsports and Music Industry Marketing and Branding professional.

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marco cuevas

Marco has been a sought after Bay Area commercial photographer, videographer, producer and editor for close to 20 years.  Marco has a great eye for design, and has a degree in communications from San Diego State.

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